Our Services

In addition to classes, we offer studio rentals, private sessions, and in-studio pole parties. The details of our services are as followed:

Our classes are designed to build upper body and core strength, increase flexibility, endurance, confidence, and sensuality. Each class begins with stretching, abdominal exercises, and upper body conditioning before students learn pole moves.

Students will learn various pole moves, floor work, transitions, climbs, and aerial tricks.

Beginner Pole

Students will be taught to deeper explore the basic dynamics and fundamentals of pole. Basic climbs and tricks will be taught along with choreography. Free dance is always encouraged at the end of class. No experience required.

Intermediate Pole

Students will be taught to create pole combos, climbs, and aerial tricks at a more advanced level. Free dance is expected at the end of class. Students should be proficient in beginner pole. This class is based on instructor approval and/or recommendation.

Grown & Sexy Hour

Come learn a sensual dance routine including pole, floor work, and lap dance skills. A new routine will be taught every week. Knee pads optional.


Control your glutes with isolation movements and make your booty snap, shake, and wiggle. No experience required. Knee pads optional.

Rated R

Bring it all out and release your inhibitions! Let your body do all of the talking while we express ourselves through the most sexxiest of moves and body melodies. We will dance our way through all genres of music. Get ready, its going to be tons of fun and hella ratchet!!

Level Up

This class is designed for students that have completed all pole spins and are now starting to climb and/or invert.  You must be climbing to participate.

Additional Services

In addition to offering pole fitness classes, Rhythm and Flow Pole Fitness,Inc. provide the following:

Private Lessons (In studio)

Private dance lessons are for students who wish to advance and learn rapidly, and/or have specifics they would like to address. Private Lessons may be taken individually or shared by up to three people with an additional charge. Private lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on the instructor's availability. Private lessons are priced at 50.00 per hour for an individual and 40.00 for per hour for two to three individuals.

Facility Rental

Studio rental are available for private parties, rehearsals, private events, auditions, and/or meetings. These rentals will be scheduled during the times classes are not in session. Studio rentals are $60.00 for the first hour and $50.00 thereafter.

Pole Parties ($225)

A customized party package will include:

· Pole Dance Instructor of the client’s choice

· Pole Dance Instruction (2 hours)

· Games and Prizes

· Pole Dance Performance

· Discount on Pole packages

· 1 free class for the hostess